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This item, based upon Oldmake, is not longer provided from CVS-HEAD and also related branches like dreambox. There is no priority for maintenance from current active developers. So it's sure that many features of this buildsystem don't work with current HEAD, but you can use the tag


to get the last level of Oldmake as HEAD so you can continue work and maintain this branch.

You can tell necessary changes to developers to the developer-forum or commit your changes for Oldmake and related branches by yourself.


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Step by step

Follow these steps to create a Cramfs- or Squashfs-Image.

  • Create a directory for your CVS
  • Download the CVS*
  • Login as anonym user.
  • Enter the following commands:
you@pc:~$ mkdir $HOME/tuxbox-cvs
you@pc:~$ cd $HOME/tuxbox-cvs
you@pc:~/tuxbox-cvs$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
you@pc:~/tuxbox-cvs$ cvs -d anoncvs@cvs.tuxbox.org:/cvs/tuxbox -z3 co -f -r oldmake -P .

Note: There is a dot at the end of the cvs command line and, yes, it actually belongs to the command.

  • Checkout as cvs user with this example script:
echo "Checkout HEAD"
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
cvs -z3 -d "$CVSNAME@cvs.tuxbox.org:/cvs/tuxbox" co -P .
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "Checkout oldmake registred"
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
cvs -z3 -d "$CVSNAME@cvs.tuxbox.org:/cvs/tuxbox" co -r oldmake -P cdk/oldmake.files
cvs -z3 -d "$CVSNAME@cvs.tuxbox.org:/cvs/tuxbox" co -r oldmake `cat cdk/oldmake.files`
  • Remove some not needed files
echo "removing not needed files..."
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
rm -rfv cdk/make
rm -fv cdk/root/etc/init.d/rcS.m4
rm -fv apps/tuxbox/plugins/pluginx/pluginx.c
rm -fv boot/u-boot-config/u-boot.dbox2.h.m4
rm -fv boot/u-boot-config/u-boot.dbox2.2_6.h.m4
  • updating
cvs up -f -r oldmake -dP > cvs.log 2>&1

  • Check if you got all the tools installed you will need*
less ~/tuxbox-cvs/cdk/doc/INSTALL.en

You will also need mkcramfs, mksquashfs and fakeroot. The first two can be downloaded at www.yadi.org

  • To check that all the tools are installed run the toolchecker.sh script provided:

  • Create the destination folder:
mkdir ~/dbox2

  • Change into the tuxbox-cvs/cdk folder:
cd ~/tuxbox-cvs/cdk

  • Start autogen:

  • Start the configure script (set user to your username):
./configure --prefix=/home/user/dbox2 --with-cvsdir=/home/user/tuxbox-cvs --enable-maintainer-mode --disable-libcrypto --with-targetruleset=flash

Important: Check if there are really no errors showing up at this point, telling you that files/packages are missing (mklibs warnings can be ignored)

  • Compile your image:

(To create a cramfs-image instead of a squashfs-image as shown in this example, simply replace "squashfs" with "cramfs" ) the following command will auto create all possible image versions as there are enigma and neutrino in 1x and 2x flavour:

make flash-squashfsimages

or if you want to create an enigma image only, use:

make flash-squashfsenigmaimages

or use this command to create the neutrino image of course and only the neutrino:

make flash-squashfsneutrinoimages

or want root to be squashfs? Use this:

make flash-squashfs

will prepare enigma and neutrino for image creation.

or neutrino root? use this:

make $HOME/dbox2/cdkflash/root-squashfs-neutrino.img

(for enigma likewise. just replace "neutrino" with "enigma")

or 8.5. To create a neutrino-squashfs-image with your own changes, these are your steps:

make $HOME/dbox2/cdkflash/.flash-roneutrinoroot
(flash read only neutrino root)
Now is the time to add your changes (did i hear "emu"?) to cdkflash/root 
make flash-squashfsroot
The root-squashfs.img you just created can now be found at /home/user/dbox2/cdkflash 
Rename the image to root-squashfs-neutrino.img
make flash-squashfsneutrinoimages

  • After successful compilation completion, the flashable images can now be found at $HOME/dbox2/cdkflash (cramfsjffs2*.img and squashfsjffs2*.img)

Use your favourite flash tool to up them to your box or use the internal flashtool the dbox2 provides you with.

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