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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cross Development Kit

Why is there no configure script?

"autoconf" creates configure from "configure.ac". You can call "./autogen.sh", which will call "autoconf" for you.

Why is there no "Makefile", neither in the root directory nor in any subdirectory?

"configure" creates "Makefile" from "Makefile.in". "./configure --help" usually shows the available options.

Why is there no "Makefile.in"?

"automake" creates "Makefile.in" from "Makefile.am". You can call "./autogen.sh", which will call "automake" for you. If you call "automake" manually, then make sure your working directory contains "configure.ac".

Why does nobody want to answer my question?

Because it has probably already been answered many times and is already documented. See "https://tuxbox.org/forum/". However, sometimes it happens that your question gets lost in the huge number of posts. Please feel free to ask your question again.

What is a good place to look for more answers to my problems with linux on my dbox2?

The forum at "https://tuxbox.org/forum/" provides a search facility. There are also public mailing lists at "https://developer.berlios.de/mail/?group_id=72".

How can I move files to a different location in cvs without losing their history?

  1. If the destination directory does not exist, then create it using "cvs add <directory>". This makes sure that your new directory has correct permissions.
  2. On the cvs server's filesystem, copy the files you want to move to the new location.
  3. Use "cvs remove -f <filename>" to remove files from the old location.

Do NOT move the files on the filesystem, just copy and "cvs remove -f". Deleting cvs revision files on the filesystem is a bad thing[tm]. To rename files just skip step 1.